Xiaomi's Rs 33 lakh counterfeit goods caught, identify real

Chinese company Xiaomi is quite popular in India.  It also has the highest market share in the Indian smartphone market. 
 Apart from smartphones, the company also sells many smart products and accessories.  Xiaomi's fake products are also sold indiscriminately.
According to Xiaomi, Xiaomi's fake products worth Rs 33 lakh have been seized in Chennai and Bangalore.  They are found between October and November.
According to Xiaomi, the local police raided three popular shops in two cities after a complaint made by the company.  During this period, fake Xiaomi products worth about Rs 33 lakh have been recovered. Local shop honors and suppliers are said to work together to sell fake products of Xiaomi.  They are based in Bangalore and Chennai and have been supplying fake Xiaomi products in the market for a long time. It is not clear at present which products were and how many were in the ceased products.  Although the company has stated that 3000 Xiaomi products included mobile back cases, headphones, power banks, chargers and earphones which have been recovered by the police. The company has also said that during the raids conducted by police in both cities  But those shop owners have also been arrested for selling fake Xiaomi products for 24.9 lakh and 8.4 lakh.

Identify fake products like this

 Since Xiaomi products are sold well in India. If you also shop, then you can check whether the products are genuine or fake. To identify Mi powerbanks and audio products, you can check the security of the products by visiting the company's website.

To check the original packaging, you can check on the company's website.  Check the logo and barcode and if needed you can also call customer care.  There will be differences in the packaging quality and the boxes are also slightly different.

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