WhatsApp TIPS: Add chat shortcuts on your home screen

WhatsaApp offers a lot of features for both its Android and iOS users.
  But we do not see all the features directly.  There are some features that are hidden, they have to be found in order to use them. 
Many new features like multi-device mode and ringtone for group calls are also going to be knocked in WhatsApp owned messaging platform WhatsApp.  However, all these features will take time to arrive.  
But the company had added a feature app a long time ago and it can work for you. Actually, we are talking here about a feature that you can add a shortcut to any WhatsApp chat in your home screen.  .  
You can add a shortcut to the chat of the person on the home screen with whom you talk the most.
By doing this, you will be able to access the messages of that chat directly from the screen.  You do not need to open the app for this, you can delete this WhatsApp chat shortcut by long-pressing on the home screen itself.  On long press, you will see the option to remove, you only have to tap on it. Follow these steps:

 - Open WhatsApp app.  Then tap on the chat of the person whose shortcut you want to add on the home screen.

 - Now tap on the three-dotted icon after this.  You will see this in the top right corner.

 - Tap on 'More' and go to Add shortcut.  As soon as you add that chat you will see it on the home screen.

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