Conflict Between Zoom and Jio Meet over user interface copy

For the last few days, people on social media have been calling Reliance Jio's video chatting app a copy of Zoom.
Zoom video calling software has become popular worldwide in the last few months.  Reliance Jio launched JioMeet video calling to compete with Zoom in India.  But its user interface, app icon and features are similar to Zoom.

 According to an ET report, Zoom can take legal action against Reliance Jio's JioMeet app.  Zoom's India head Sameer Raje has said that Jio Meet matches Zoom and they are surprised to see this.

 Sameer Raje has also said that a lot of talk is going on inside the company about this.  However, he has not said anything clearly about the case against Jio.  They have said that they are leaving it to the legal team, how do they take it forward.

 Sameer Raje told ET, 'We knew this was going to happen.  This is fine, because this is not the first time that Zoom has got competition.  Our strength is products and technology and our focus is customers.  What our competitors do is their strategy.

 There have been video conferencing apps even before the zoom, even after this, but the company has given some features that people are liking.

 According to the ET report, Raje has said that Zoom's team is in talks with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY).

 Significantly, Zoom has also been accused of sharing user data.  Although the company has denied this and said that we do not share data, we share the technical things of our platform.

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