Twitter hacking: Employees were hacked, access to internal tools, hacking again

After several popular accounts have been hacked on Twitter, the company has now released the update after initial investigation.  The company has said in the statement that access to internal tools has been targeted by targeting the employees of Twitter first.
The biggest cyber attack has occurred on micro-blogging website Twitter.  During this time, accounts of many tech giants including big businessmen and politicians were hacked.

 These include accounts such as Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Apple.  Who did the hacking, who did it, it will be clear in the coming time, but Twitter has issued a statement in which the updates have been shared on the basis of initial investigation.

 Now the question is, how has Twitter, which made big claims about security, been hacked?  Hacking happens in many ways and the reasons are also different.  In this hacking, the hacker has demanded bitcoin, that is, it is not a hacking done for security testing, but a hacking done for the wrong purpose.

 This is twitter's statement

 Twitter has said that its investigation is going on, but based on what has been revealed so far, the company has issued a statement.  The company said, 'We have detected a social engineering attack.  This has been done by those who have successfully targeted the accounts of some of our employees with the help of internal systems and tools.

 Twitter has said that the attackers took internal access to many popular accounts, including verified ones, under its control and tweeted them instead.

 According to the company, the matter is still being investigated and efforts are being made to find out how and how the attackers have misused these accounts and what type of information has been accessed.

Twitter has said that as soon as the company got information about the matter, all the affected accounts were immediately locked and the tweets made by the attackers were deleted.

 Not only this, the company has said that some functions of Twitter accounts have been limited to a large extent.  For example, verified accounts, which were not hacked, have also been limited due to safety regulations.  Investigation is going on and the functionality of these accounts has been limited.

 Limiting the use of verified accounts was disruptive, but it was an important step to reduce the risk.  At present, most of the features of these accounts have been activated, but we can take further steps and if this happens then an update will be issued to the company.

 Twitter has said that the accounts that have been hacked by the company have been locked and their owners will be able to restore those accounts.  However, this will happen when the original Twitter will be sure about the security.

 Twitter has further stated in the statement that until the investigation is run, steps have been taken for limited access to internal systems and tools on a large scale.  The company will release more updates regarding this hacking in the coming time.

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