There are Harmful Phone Radiation, depends on SAR value know your phone's SAR value

Ignoring the radiation level of a smartphone can be very dangerous, know how to check your phone's SAR value

We Indians first set a budget whenever we plan to buy a new smartphone.  In that budget, we see and then buy such things as a great camera, powerful processor, powerful battery and interactive design. 

 Yes, nowadays many people are confirming whether the phone belongs to a Chinese company or a non-Chinese before taking a smartphone.  But in the midst of all this, we ignore one thing which is very important for every person.  And that is the SAR Value of the phone.  Our readers are so aware of technology that they must have heard this name before, but today we are going to tell you that what is the essential value of mobile essence and igniting it can cause fatal harm to users.

Significantly, radiation and rays emanating from mobile phones are very dangerous for birds and environment as well as our health.  These harmful radiations are judged only through the SAR value of the phone.  The essence value of every mobile is different.  In such a situation, do you know that the smartphone on which you are reading this article is hurting you so much?  Next, we have told here that how you can check the SAR value of your phone and understand how important the abstract value of the phone is.

What is SAR Value?

SAR means Specific Absorption Rate.  Abstract value is the rate that measures the waves emitted from the phone and the waves absorbed by the human body.  These waves are absorbed by the tissue present in the blood in the body.  The waves emanating from the mobile are not always uniform.  When the phone is doing many things at once, it increases and during low use of the phone these waves are reduced.  These waves emitted from the smartphone are measured through 'SAR Value'.  Let us know that every smartphone has its own different radiation and frequency. A mobile phone is a radio transmitter that sends and receives network waves (waves).  These waves are called radio frequency electromagnetic fields.  These waves are transferred through the mobile antenna which travels from the phone to the mobile tower and from the mobile tower to the phone.  Whenever these waves are transferred, some percentage of them are lost on their way and roam in the environment without being connected to any device.  And this is the part that poses a threat to you, us and the environment.

Determined SAR Value in India

Every smartphone has different essence value.  This SAR value is decided by the government of every country and phones with more abstract value than the fixed value are banned in that country.  Let us tell you that the essence value fixed by the governments of India and America is the same.  The maximum value of mobile phones in India is 1.6 W / kg.  Here watt / kg means that a 1 kg tissue can absorb a maximum power of 1.6 watt waves.

These are the SAR value of some famous and hit smartphones in the Indian market

OnePlus 8 – 0.96W/kg

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max – 0.88W/kg

OnePlus 8 Pro – 0.96W/kg

Redmi Note 9 Pro – 0.90W/kg

iPhone SE 2020 – 1.17W/kg

Realme X3 SuperZoom – 1.19W/kg

Realme 6 Pro – 1.19W/kg

Redmi Note 8 Pro – 1.13W/kg

POCO X2 – 1.080W/kg

Xiaomi Mi 10 – 1.037W/kg

Realme Narzo 10 – 0.857W/kg

Redmi Note 8 – 0.25W/kg

Samsung Galaxy M31 – 0.383W/kg

Realme 6 – 1.138W/kg

Samsung Galaxy A31 – 1.13W/kg

If you take the average of the above dozen smartphones, then the SAR value of Realme smartphones is coming out the most, which can prove to be harmful for the users.

Find out how your phone's SAR Value

If you also want to know the summary value of your phone, then dial * # 07 # from your smartphone.  After dialing this number, the SAR value of the phone will come on the display of the phone.  The engaged hands should also inform you that the abstract value is divided into two parts.  The first head SAR means head and body SAR.  Whenever we talk on the phone, the head is closest to the mobile.  Therefore the head value of the head is kept separate.  Similarly, when the phone is in the pocket or in the hand, the abstract value is measured separately for that situation.

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