OnePlus SmartPhone OnePlus Nord will launch on July 21 in India

OnePlus Nord will be the company's next mid range smartphone.  The company can launch it in the market of India and Europe simultaneously.

OnePlus is preparing to launch its new budget smartphone.  For the past few days, the company has been continuously posting teasers of this smartphone.  Its teaser has also come on Amazon India.  It will be called OnePlus Nord.

 OnePlus Nord is launching in India on 21 July.  However, Amazon India has removed this teaser from its website.  Obviously, for this the company is not organizing any physical event and it will also be offered through live stream.

 Significantly, OnePlus Z will be a mid-range smartphone from the company and it can also come in the budget segment.  According to the report, Qualcomm Snapdaragon 765G will be given in this smartphone.  The company has also made it clear that its price will be within 500 dollars.

 OnePlus Nord's AR launch invoice can currently be seen on Amazon India website, as the company has removed the launch details.  OnePlus has done virtual events in the past and this time the company can organize virtual launch events by resorting to AR.

 OnePlus has started hyping people for this smartphone since a month.  OnePlus did not have smartphones in the mid-range segment and the company wants to leave its mark on this segment due to this smartphone.  Although the company had tried once, but then there was no success.

 It is worth noting that recently models of OnePlus Smart TV have been launched.  It starts at Rs 12,999.

Earlier, the company launched a smart TV above 50 thousand rupees which comes in premium category.  After cheap TV, the company is now preparing to launch cheap smartphones in India.

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