New features in Facebook Messenger like WhatsApp

Like Facebook Whatsapp, the lock feature has come for Facebook Messenger.  Now you can also unlock it through Face ID or Touch ID.
Facebook has released a new privacy feature for Messenger.  Now users will be able to lock Messenger.  For this, no third party app will be required and you will be able to lock this app with just a few clicks.

 Currently it has been introduced for iPhone and iPad.  That is, if you use the Messenger app on iPhone or iPad, then you will be able to lock it.  If your device has Face ID then you will be able to unlock with Face ID.

 If Messenger Lock is an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, you will still be able to unlock it with Touch ID.  It is worth noting that earlier WhatsApp also did not have a lock feature, but a few months ago the company has given a lock feature in WhatsApp as well.

 How to set lock feature in Messenger

 > Open Messenger from your device.  Tap on your profile photo in the top left corner.

 > The option of privacy will appear in the menu in the settings, now tap here.

 > Here with many options app lock option will also be seen.

 >Select App Lock and turn on Face ID or Touch ID at the top.

 > Now here you will get four options.  Every time you select the first option, you will need to unlock after closing Messenger.

 >Apart from this, you have been given time limit in three options, according to which you will lock your messenger accordingly.

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