New features coming in Social Media Instagram and Twitter

This new feature is coming in Twitter's Fleets, it will be easy to interview
Twitter has recently introduced the Fleet feature.  This feature is similar to Facebook Stories.  Now the company is preparing to add a new option in this feature.

Micro-blogging website Twitter has recently launched a new feature Fleet.  This feature is similar to Facebook Story, which was first offered in Snapchat.  Now the company is preparing to extend this feature.

 Twitter is testing Co Fleet.  Under this, one user can Fleet by collaborating with another user.  Such screenshots are being shared on Twitter where new types of fleets can be seen.

 There will be two bubbles in the co-fleet and by tapping here, you will be able to see the views of both users.  It can be used extensively for interviews, so that by tapping here you can hear or watch the conversation between two people.

 At present, information about it has not been shared by the company, so we do not have much information from it either.  But looking at it, it seems that this too was designed on the lines of Instagram.

 Insta also has a story option where more than one people can connect to each other and do live streaming.  A similar double bubble icon is also seen in co-fleets.

 It is clear from the screenshot that it is being tested and the company will release it soon.  However, what will be its name is also not clear.  Until the name comes, it can be called Co-Fleet, because this feature is also working.

Pinned Comments feature on Instagram, these are the steps
Instagram Pinned Comment: After testing for a long time, this feature of Instagram is now available to everyone.

Instagram has brought a new feature under which you can pin the favorite content of your post. After pinning these comments will appear at the top of the thread. If you have used the feature of pin post or tweet on Facebook or Twitter, then it is similar to this.

 This feature of Instagram was being tested for some time. Recently it was given to limited users, but now the company has released it for all this Instagram users.

 Instagram has said, 'From today we are releasing the feature of Pinned Commets for everyone. This means that you can pin some comments on the top of the feed post and manage the conversation in a better way.

 You can follow these steps to pin comments on Instagram

 >Long-press or left swipe the comment you want to pin. It also depends on your device at times.

 >Now you will get Pin icon, option to report, delete and reply.

 > Pin icon has to be pressed, after this a notification will be found here. It will be told here that you can pin 3 comments on the top. On pinning, the user who has commented will get a notification.

  Pin comments can also be removed in this way and this is the way to pin other comments as well.

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