How to use One WhatsApp Account in Two devices?

WhatsApp, the most popular instant messaging app in India, is equipped with great features. 

At the same time, WhatsApp, owned by Facebook, has been bringing great features for its users for a long time, which makes chatting easier for users.

Some time ago the Dark Mode feature was launched on WhatsApp, which was quite popular among users.  At the same time, the information that has been coming out for quite some time, the company is planning to introduce multiple device support.

Through this special feature, users will be able to run their account on multiple devices at one time.  At the moment, it is not yet decided when the company will introduce this feature.  However, currently without this feature you can run a WhatsApp account created from a number on only one phone.  But, with the help of a trick, now you can use WhatsApp on two mobile phones from the same number.  The most important thing is that to do this you will not need any third party app. Follow these steps

1. First of all, in the phone in which you want to use WhatsApp, open the web browser and go to

2. After this the web browser will take you to the home page of WhatsApp.  Click on the three dot appearing in the top left on the home page.

3. After this, click on 'Request desktop site'.

4. After this you will get the QR code.

5. In the phone where the users are already using WhatsApp, the user has to select WhatsApp Web by going to the settings in that phone.

6. Scan the QR code appearing in the second phone from the first phone, after which WhatsApp will be logged into the second phone.

Important: Keep in mind that in order to use the same WhatsApp account on two mobile phones, it is necessary to have internet active in both your phones.  Not only this, users can use WhatsApp even without a SIM.

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