High profile hacking done using Twitter's own tool, access to admin tool

Following the hacking of high profile handles on Twitter, many types of questions have started to arise.  So far no hacker group has openly claimed responsibility for this, but a screenshot has leaked which is causing some revelations.
The biggest hacking ever done on Twitter.  High profile Twitter accounts like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Barack Obama, Uber and Apple were hacked.  Hackers have done this big hacking, proving all the security of Twitter as dwarf.

 How did hacking happen?  What was the method of hacking?

 How the hacking was done - This question will also be in your mind, Twitter has also answered it, but nothing is clear.  Twitter has said that hackers targeted the employees of Twitter to access the internal tool and then hacking was done.  But how?

 The motherboard has received some leaked screenshots.  Quoting screenshots and sources, it is being told that hacking has been done from within Twitter.  Vice's report says that this hacking done on Twitter has been done through the company's admin tool.

 Although initially Twitter did not say anything about the admin tool, but later the company said that hacking has been done with the internal tool itself.  However, the company has not directly blamed any employee for this.

 Who is behind hacking?

 According to a report by Tech Crunch, a person involved in the underground hacking scene has said that hacking has been done with the 'handle' named Krik.  However, the condition to identify identity has also been kept.  This hacker has earned about 1 lakh dollars after taking access.  This has happened in a few hours and for this the internal tool of Twitter has been used.

 Email related to Twitter reset

 Significantly, high-profile Twitter accounts have been hacked through Twitter's internal tool.  According to the report, the hacker reset the email addresses of the affected accounts through this tool, so that Twitter account holders cannot easily get these accounts back again.

 According to Tech Crunch's report, the stolen Twitter username or social media handle is sold in thousands of dollars.  It is being told that this person named Krik has contacted the members of the popular forum of hacked social media heads.

 Krik has ensured that the stolen usernames can be sold by talking to the trusted members of this forum first.  Tech Crunch has quoted a screenshot saying that Krik has written in it to send usernames and bitcoins and I will do this (hack account of high profile users).

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