Google and Apple announce the launch of new emojis on the occasion of World Emoji Day

Apple and Google have presented new emojes for your devices on the occasion of World Emoji Day. Google has announced to bring more than hundred emotions for Android.
Today is World Emoji Day and on this occasion companies are issuing different types of emojis.  Apple and Google have announced to introduce new emoji.
American tech company Apple has said that the company will introduce 13 new emojis.  The company has said that new emojis will be released for iPhones, iPads and Apple Watch.
 However, after some time you will find it in the device.  Recently, Apple has announced iOS14 and with this update new emojis will also be given.

 According to the company, new emojis include emojis such as Transcend Symbol, Pinched Figure, Boomerang, Dodo, Lungs, Ninja and Anatomical Heart.  In the coming time, the company will push this emoji to iPhone, iPad and Mac users with iOS updates.

 Talking about Google, the company has said that the company will release 113 new emojis which will be of Emoji 13.0 version.  However, they will be pushed into users' devices along with Android 11 update.
 If you use Android, then if you install Android 11 under the beta program, then you can use these emojis.  You will be able to use these emojis automatically with the final Android version.
 Apple recently pushed an update to iOS 13.6, which has given many new features.  These include new features and improvements in the car key and health app.  However, you will not get new emojis with it.🙅🙅🙅🙅🙅

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