Flipkart is bringing part payment option, can be difficult in cancellation

Flipkart, an e-commerce company owned by American company Walmart, is bringing partial payment service.  Under this, the chances of canceling on shopping will be reduced.
E-commerce website Flipkart has launched part payment option.  Under this, customers can pay a little while purchasing a product and later there will be an option to pay full money.

 According to a Business Standard report, Flipkart, a Walmart company, has sent an email to its sellers saying that part payment will encourage prepaid transactions.

 While making the purchase, you will be able to make some payments and there will be an option to make all the money after the product is delivered.  There is no talk of taking any extra charge for this and for this also the rate card will remain the same as other payment methods.

 According to an ET report, Flipkart has also said in an email sent to Sellers that when the customer pays for some part at the time of purchase, the chances of his cancellation in this situation are ended by themselves.

 Flipkart will also benefit due to partial payment or part payment.  Because there was a problem of product cancellation and return in cash on delivery, the return and cancellation for users purchasing with this method will not be as easy as in cash on delivery.

 It is worth noting that due to Coronavirus outbreak, e-commerce companies have also been damaged like other sectors after the lockdown across the country.  In such a situation, these companies will now want to sell more and more products and reduce cancellation.

 Although e-commerce websites still offer cash on delivery option, they are also sometimes charged extra.  Not only this, cash on delivery option is also not available with many products.

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