FB is shutting down an app like TikTok, but one such feature that came to Instagram

Many companies have been bringing similar apps to beat Tik Tok. 
Among them are companies like Facebook and Google.  But Facebook is shutting down its Tik Tok Rival app. TikTok has been banned in India and new apps like Tik Tok are constantly coming.  Some of these apps are from India and some are from outside India.  Meanwhile, Facebook has decided that it will close its app like Tik Tok.

 Facebook launched an experimental app called Lasso that works like a tik tok.  Although it was not launched in India, but now the company is closing this app this month.

 Closing apps like Tik Tok Lasso does not mean that Facebook has given up in front of Tick Talk.  The company is working on a new app like Tik Tok.  Facebook has recently launched Instagram Reels which is believed to be a competitor of TikTok.

 Apart from Lasso, Facebook has announced to discontinue the Hobbi app.  The Hobbi app was like Pinterest.  Both these apps were launched by the company as experimental apps which are now being discontinued.

 Reels Ek has been launched as a feature of Philahal Instagram.  That is, the company has not yet launched its standalone app.  Under this feature, users can shoot small videos on Instagram and can set music in it.

 Not only Facebook but Google also wants to give people a platform like TikTok through YouTube.  Recently YouTube has introduced a similar feature where short videos can be uploaded.

 YouTube has said that the company is testing some methods for creators through which you can easily record multiple clips and upload them through the YouTube mobile app.  These videos can be auto merged among themselves.  A footage can be recorded up to 15 seconds.


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