Airtel will give fast 4G to special customers, is it not against net Neutrality?

Airtel has recently announced to provide some more services to Platinum users including Fast 4G.  Now some people are questioning whether this is not against net neutrality?

Voice has started to be raised once again about Net Neutrality.  Actually, the Indian telecom company Airtel has launched a new service, due to which experts believe that it is a violation of net neutrality.

Bhartiya Airtel has introduced 'Priority 4G Network' service for its platinum mobile customers.  Platinum customers i.e. postpaid users who use a plan of 499 rupees or more every month.

Airtel has said in one of its statements that the company will give its network preference to its platinum mobile customers, for this, Airtel has also used advanced technology.

According to Airtel,(Tech News) the company's platinum customers will get Fast 4G experience.  It has been launched by the company under the Airtel Thanks program, which is for postpaid users only.  That is, users taking a plan of 499 rupees or more will get Fast 4G.

Airtel has said that 4G sim for platinum customers will be delivered at home.  These users will get many more benefits.

In this, from the app red carpet customer care to custom user interface is also applicable.

Not only this, the dedicated staff will be present to the platinum users and their waiting time will also be reduced to talk to customer care.

Is this a violation of net neutrality?

Since the company has said that advanced technology has been installed for platinum customers and they will be given Fast 4G.  This means that the customers of Airtel are not postpaid and they do not recharge every month for 499 rupees or more, they will get slow 4G speed compared to platinum customers.

By giving high speed 4G to one kind of customers, the company has come into controversy regarding net neutrality.  The Digital Communication Commission has framed rules regarding net neutrality.  According to the rule, telecom service providers cannot discriminate by giving more or less speed by blocking content and service.

Since Airtel has clearly said that the company will give high speed 4G to platinum users, this means that in a way, discrimination is being done about internet speed.  Telecom Regulator TRAI also believes that undue discrimination cannot be done.

Sources in Airtel have said that this is not discriminatory, as the company is not making any kind of favors regarding free internet, extra data or apps.  This step is to provide higher value plans to low end customers, which is a long term plan made under the user on average revenue.

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