YouTube set to compete with TikTok with this new feature, know what is in this feature

YouTube is testing the short video feature.  The limit of the video will be 15 seconds, but similar multiple videos can be prepared and uploaded simultaneously.
 TikTok has become popular in such a way that other big companies are also trying to bring apps on the same lines.  Both Facebook and Instagram are constantly trying to compete with TikTok through the short video platform, meanwhile YouTube has also come into this race.  Actually YouTube is testing a new feature under which users can record videos of 15 seconds.  YouTube has said that under the multi segment video feature, some users are being given the option to record short videos.

 It is worth noting that this multi segment video testing of YouTube is being released for limited users on both Android and iOS platforms.  Creators will be able to record multiple clips from the direct mobile app under this feature.

 YouTube has said that the company is testing a new and easier and easier way for creators.  With this, those multiple clips can be easily recorded and uploaded as a direct video, and this will be from the mobile app itself.

 For short videos, tap on create a vieo in the mobile upload flow.  Here tap and hold button will start recording and the first clip will be recorded.  After this the button has to be released and stop recording.  By repeating in this way, you can prepare videos of 15-15 seconds.

 According to the company, if users want to upload long videos, then they have to upload directly from the gallery.  Since people are shifting to short videos on Instagram and Tik Tok, YouTube also wants to bring these creators on its platform.l

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