WhatsApp Features:How to make whatsapp stickers of your photo,WhatsApp new features

Stickers like your photo on WhatsApp Stickers, Learn what is the way

To send stickers on WhatsApp  app has increased rapidly and now you can send your photo to your friends as stickers.
I know the photo sticker making the fictional message about the user's features. The latest features of the stickers in the whatsappe was made. The user will not use everyone. Users can send their stickers on their same time on the accounts. For this you must follow some steps. To make your photo sticker, users will have to use to third party app for making your photo sticker.

1. Download the sticker Maker for WhatsApp from the Google Play Store. Open it to the Personal Sticker pannel .After downloading it. Now you will get the option to create stickers from the photo.
2. Now now select your photo in the app. If you want to remove the background of the photo, then you can remove the background of the photo.

3.You will now get the option of the add.An you will now find the option of the add. In

4. Now these stickers will appear in the WhatsApp.

5. In the past, open the whatsapp can open these stickers to their friends and family members.

This special feature can come soon in WhatsApp, information revealed.

Soon it is possible that WhatsApp may allow you to use your WhatsApp  web (app)account on four devices simultaneously.  

A screenshot has surfaced on Twitter.  Where the initial information of this new feature is given. This new feature is currently under development and it has not been made available for Beta testing either. 
The discussion of giving multi-device support feature in WhatsApp has been going on for quite some time.  This feature was also recently spotted in the Beta version. According to the tweet posted by WhatsApp BETA tracker WABetaInfo, WhatsApp may soon allow users to use the same account across four devices simultaneously.  From the posted screenshot, it is understood that the app can use Wi-Fi connectivity to sync data across different devices.  However, for this feature, the company can also give users the option to use mobile data. WhatsApp currently does not have this feature so that an account can be used in multiple devices.  Even you cannot operate two WhatsApp accounts in one device.  However, dual app support is available in some Android smartphones, from which two accounts are run.

WABetaInfo has clearly stated that this new feature is under development.  That is, it may not be part of any BETA version of the present time or may be limited to internal testing only.  It is also possible that a lot of changes will be made before its public release.
Information about the multi-device support feature in WhatsApp was also revealed in April.  At the moment it is difficult to say how long this feature is brought into the app.

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