This country has banned WhatsApp Payment feature,was recently launched in this country

Testing of WhatsApp payment service is going on in India since 2018.  But till now, due to lack of clearance, it has not been launched here.  Recently, the company launched it in Brazil where it has been banned.
 Facebook has launched WhatsApp payment service in Brazil this month i.e. on 15 June.  Now it has been suspended there.  The Central Bank of Brazil has ordered Visa and MasterCard not to work with Facebook on the WhatsApp payment service project.
 Significantly, Brazil is the first country where Facebook launched WhatsApp Payments.  In India, the company has been testing it since 2018, but so far it has not been launched due to lack of clearance from the government.

 The Central Bank of Brazil has decided to stop WhatsApp Payments due to being anti-competitive nature.

 The Central Bank of Brazil said in a statement, 'The Central Bank's decision is to protect a sufficiently competitive environment, which ensures an inter-system, fast, secure, transparent and affordable payment system'

 Not only this, the Central Bank of Brazil has also expressed concern about the privacy of WhatsApp Payment Service.  It has also been revealed from the bank's statement that before the launch, the bank has not got the opportunity to analyze the WhatsApp payment condition.

 A statement from WhatsApp on this matter has been issued today.  A spokesperson of the company said, 'Our objective is to provide digital payments to all Brazilian WhatsApp users through an open model and we will continue to work with local partners and the Central Bank to make this possible'.
 Significantly, Brazil is the second largest market for WhatsApp after India.  WhatsApp has 120 million users in Brazil.

 Recently, during the launch of WhatsApp payment service, Mark Zuckerberg said that this will help small businesses including general users.  He also said that after Brazil, it will be launched in other countries soon.

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