The most popular feature on Facebook, now Twitter is testing

Twitter Emoji Reaction Feature - Micro-blogging website Twitter had also tested such a feature before. 
The most popular feature on Facebook,now Twitter is testing
Recently, the company has introduced the Fleet feature.
Twitter has introduced Emoji Reaction feature in DM (Direct Message) some time back.  After this, the company has now launched the Fleet feature.
This feature is similar to Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram story or status feature.  Now the company is looking at preparing a reaction to Retweet.  It is being tested.

Although no teaser or any information about it has been revealed by the company, but it is revealed by a leak.  Security researcher Jane Manchun Wong shared a screenshot.

This screenshot contains some tweets and here is the option of reaction.  Here Retweet, Retweet with comment and Emoji options are seen on the option of Tweet.  Below this is the option of React With Fleet.

However, this is not the first time the company has tested emoji reaction.  According to a report by Social Media Today, in 2015, Twitter first started testing emoji reaction, but in 2016 it was launched by Facebook.  But Twitter did not make it official.

See this screenshot, it is not clear yet that it will be used and how much will be changed till it is official.

It is worth noting that this security researcher had also spotted many features of social media during testing earlier.  That is, he first tweeted about many features before going public.  One of these also features Instagram Like Count Hyde.

Significantly, many people on social media do not like Twitter's new feature Fleets.  On Twitter itself, many people wrote that now Twitter has also started on the path of Facebook and instead of bringing new features, features are being brought like Facebook.

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