Mitron App returns to Google Play After being Removed by Play Store.

The Mitron App was launched 2 months ago on Google Play.  Meanwhile, anti-China and anti-Tiktok sentiment started taking birth in the country, which directly benefited this app.
1.Mitron App's User Interface Much Like TikTok
2.Remove China Apps was also removed by Google after the Friends app.

The Mitron App is now once again available on Google Play.  This short video platform, which had an exact TikTok feel, was remade from Google Play.  The reason was the violation of Google Play policy by the app.  Google had said that the app violates the 'spam and minimum functionality' policy, but only after remoting the app came the news that Google is working with this app developers to fix the problems of the app.  The app has made a comeback on Google Play the next day after the news came.  Let me tell you, before the removal of Google, this app gained a lot of popularity, more than 50 lakh people had downloaded this app on their smartphones.

 The Mitron App is once again listed on Google Play.  The app describes itself as a short video app, a Bangalore-based social media platform.  The user interface of this app is very much like TikTok.

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