This app downloaded 1 million times in just few days, will attack on TikTok,new features will be launched

The Mitron app may have been in controversy for some time, but it seems that users are liking it.
  This app has been downloaded 1 million times on the Play Store. The Rival Mitron app of the Chinese app TikTok is becoming quite popular.  Recently, this app was removed from the Google Play Store due to Privacy Concern.  However, now again this app has come on the Google Play Store.

 The short video app Mitron has been downloaded 10 million times from the Google Play Store.  This app is only for Android.  According to the company, it was launched during the lockdown on 11 April.

 The Mitron app has also been in controversy.  The reason was that a Pakistani startup claimed that the source code of this app was purchased from there.  Pakistan's developer says that this app cannot be called Made in India.

 During the conversation with AajTak.In, the founder of this app, Shivank Aggarwal has told that this app is completely Indian.  On the question of being removed from the Google Play Store, he said that it was removed from the Play Store due to the Compliance issue, but now it is back.

 Shivank is a resident of Jhansi and after completing his studies from IIT Roorkee in 2011, has worked with companies like Adobe and Make My Trip.

 About the users of the Mitron app, he has said that at present, this app has 1.5 million active users, while there are 50 lakh weekly active users.  This app has crossed the 10 million download mark in 70 days. The Mitron app has received 3.3 lakh reviews on the Google Play Store and is in the top 3 in social categories.  Shivank says that there is a strong sentiment in India for Vocal for Local and this app is being worked on following the local law.

 The second founder of this app is Ashish Khandelwal.  They have said that they are listening to the feedback of the users and are constantly improving the product.

 From last month till now 6 updates have been released for this app.  Some new features will be launched in this app next month.

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