IPhone SE 2020 may be cheaper in India soon, know why?

The Apple iPhone SE 2020 has been marketed as a compact and affordable iPhone in most countries including India.

  However, the price of iPhone SE 2020 varies from country to country.  In India, its price has been kept at Rs 42,500.  That is about $ 558.  In such a situation, the price of US is more than $ 399. However, this may change now because a new report has revealed that the assembling of the new iPhone SE can be started in India only.

India is one of the world's top smartphone manufacturing hubs.  Smartphones of many brands are made here.  Almost all big companies assemble their smartphones in India.  This also gives jobs to a lot of Indians and the cost of these locally designed devices is also a little lower. In this case, companies which are not currently manufacturing in India are also preparing to start production here in the near future.   Apple is one of those brands.

Apple assembles some of its iPhone models in India through two of its manufacturers, Foxconn and Wistron.  Wistron has also assembled the original iPhone SE in the country till 2019.  Now a report by The Information has revealed that the assembling of the Apple iPhone SE 2020 will also be done in India. According to sources, Apple from one of its suppliers in China to its manufacturing partner Wistron in India for the iPhone SE 2020 components.  Is asked to start shipping. 
But at the moment it is not clear when its mass assembling will be started in India.  As soon as the local assembling of iPhone SE 2020 will be started, it is likely that its price will be reduced.

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