Many Facebook employees are opposing Mark Zuckerberg, this is the reason

Facebook employees generally remain united and do not write against their CEO in the public domain.  But this time dozens of Facebook employees are standing in opposition to Mark Zuckerberg. 
Some Facebook employees have stood up against their own CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  The reason is the post of American President Donald Trump, which Zuckerberg refused to remove from Facebook.  However, Zuckerberg also admitted that this post of Trump was highly derogatory.
On Monday, some employees working on Facebook wrote clearly on micro-blogging website Twitter that they oppose this move taken by Facebook.  Some of these have held Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg responsible for this.

According to news agency Reuters, dozens of Facebook employees have protested about Mark Zuckerberg's decision.  In fact, after the protests that started after the death of George Floyd, Donald Trump had made some such tweets which were flagged by Twitter.

Twitter had clearly labeled it in front of Trump's tweet that it is a tweet promoting violence.  Trump wrote 'when looting starts shooting starts' in this tweet.  This tweet was made in reference to a demonstration on George Floyd's death. 
In a Reuters report, the joint statement of some Facebook employees has been quoted.  In this, he has said, 'Recently, the company has decided not to take any action on the Facebook posts that incite violence.  This decision ignores another option to keep our community safe.

Facebook's recent decision does not take action on posts that incite violence, ignores other options to keep our community safe.  We pray to Facebook leadership to take action on this'.
Ryan Freitas, writes in one of his tweets, 'Mark is wrong and I will try in every possible way to change his

According to Ryan Freitas's Twitter bio, he works as a news feed product design director on Facebook.  He has also said that he has brought together people with this type of thinking for internal change.

However, the CEO of Facebook also wrote a long post about it.  In this post, he has also written that he knows that many people have objections to such posts.

Zuckerberg has also written in this post that he too has found Donald Trump's post very humiliating, but his posts do not violate the company's policy.

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