17 Apps that you should uninstall from your phone,steal personal information

Once again, such apps have been found from Android's Google Play Store, which are stealing information from users.
  These applications have been downloaded 15 million times.

 Google makes big claims about the security of its Play Store and the privacy of the user, but from time to time such apps are found in the Play Store which are dangerous for the user's privacy.

 According to cyber security firm Avast, at least 17 such apps on the Google Play store are part of the Trojan family.  Under the HiddenAds campaign, users in India and South East Asia have been targeted by this.

 According to Avast, these apps look like gaming apps, but they are designed to show ads that can steal users' personal information.  The most dangerous is that such Trojan apps will show such advertisements in your phone that you will not be able to skip.

 The problem with this type of Trojan app is that these apps are able to hide their icons so that users do not know about this.

 It is worth noting that Avast had previously told Google about 47 such apps, of which Google has removed 30 apps from the Play Store.

 According to this cyber security firm, some such apps have also been found that automatically open the browser of the user's phone to show the ad.  However, users can uninstall it manually by going to the file manager of their smartphone.

 17 such apps have been uploaded on Google Play Store by different developers and have been downloaded 15 million times.  Talking about these apps, these include apps like Skate Board, New, Find Hidden Differnces, Spot hidden differnces, Tony shoot - new stacking guys.

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