How to schedule your tweets?? Set timer in your tweets.

Twitter is all set to roll out the much-needed feature that would let you schedule your tweets. The company on Thursday announced that Twitter Twitter users can now save their tweets as drafts and schedule for a specific time. All this can be done from Twitter’s web app.

Twitter has introduced a host of new features recently and this is one of the most important features. Sometimes you may not want to post something on the app immediately or you might want to wish your friend/colleague or favorite star sharp at twelve.

 Well, you won’t have to stay up late at night to post a wish as Twitter would now let you schedule the tweet.

So here’s how you can schedule a tweet on Twitter

—While composing a tweet, you will find a calendar on the row of icons below

— Just click on the icon and decide the time and date, you want your tweet to go up.

—After entering the details, you can click confirm and schedule the tweet.

Users can also save the tweet for later by clicking on the close window icon, which will first ask whether you want to save the tweet or not. If you click on save, you can find the tweet in the drafts section later.

Announcing the new feature, Twitter posted a video of how the feature works and also wrote, “Not quite ready to send that Tweet? Now on

 You can save it as a draft or schedule it to send at a specific time all from the Tweet composer!”

Earlier, Twitter had earlier revealed that it would soon release features that would prohibit people from replying to tweets and also allow users to check who retweeted their posts with comments.

Twitter will let users protect their tweets from unwanted and unnecessary harassment on its platform.

 The tweets can still be viewed and retweeted but a person who has not been given permission to comment, cannot reply to the tweets.

 This could prove to be a boon for public figures as they are subjected to hate and slander on Twitter on a regular basis.

 Currently, the feature has been made available to a handful of people globally but Twitter is planning to roll out the feature for all its users soon.
Another new feature by Twitter will allow its users to see how many people have retweeted posts with comments and how many have done that without comments.

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